Small Town Story

short fiction | 21 min | 2023 | 1.78:1 | color | DCP | 7.1 | german

When the janitor is accidentally killed during a nighttime dare at an outdoor pool, three friends try to cover up the accident because they are unable to face the consequences.
Cast: Hannes Dömling, Pascal Schattenburg, Tilman Kerber, Harald Molocher, Lisa Weilinger, Verena Kniess, Thomas Brandlmeier
Writer & Director: Ricky Dick
Cinematography: Noah Böhm
Editor: Emma Holzapfel
Writer: Ricky Dick, Amar Mehmedovic
Producer: Leon Mehmeti, Yannic Kress
Executive Producer: Georg Kleemann, Claudia Mehmeti
Production Designer: Gilmore Murelli, Daniele Fagiatto
Sound Designer: Tristan Steinmetz, Marc Uhlherr, Moritz Peter
Sound Mix: Vincent Egerter, Moritz Peter
Music: Peter Albrecht
Colorist: Johan Nurmilehto
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